“ Express the power that animates your project „


MFM - Visual Identity and Webdesign

YoungData - Visual Identity

Badakan - Instagram campaign

Comwatt - Landing Pages

El camerino - Visual Identity

BeeKey - Visual Identity

Banners for Malt

6 Tips Cardif x SeLoger

Sliders myDermacenter

La poste MonTimbreEnLigne

No One is Oneseided - Posters

Porto Design Summerschool

Le voyage c'est la santé

Vivid'art - Logotype

TERA - Leaflet

Le graphiste en questions

La fusion



Déferlante has the ambition to free, through your image, the power that animates your project. Your story. What brought you here and will bring you further. The ambition to make this power explode and expand. Here you will be heard carefully, your values will be respected and your projects will be treated with passion and professionalism to take out the best version of what you have to show to your audience.

Déferlante is a graphic design studio founded by Thétis Tsahakis in 2019.After graduating in 2016 from the art school Maryse Eloy at Paris, she starts her career in "ALTEOM" agency in Paris. After this experience that was rich in challenges and emotions, she decides to quit the capital and get closer to the Mediterranean Sea. A new adventure will start with "DUNK!", an advertisement agency in Marseille. After this immersion in the corporate lifestyle she will take the decision to continue this adventure as a freelancer and will create her own professional project.