Short stories - Dave Eggers
Porto design summerschool

During a workshop in the heart of Porto, i had to work on an edition project about three stories written by Dave Eggers.
The link that I discovered through the three stories was in each one a tension between two very similar situations. Between these two situations, each time, a detail would completely change our perception of the main characters and the sens of the story.

The brief was to add content to the original work (pictures or text) in a way to illustrate, enrich or contrast the content. I chose to use diptychs of pictures in which the details would completely change our perception of the illustrated situations, despite the fact that with a quick and literal interpretation they could look similar.

The dramatic and political style that characterise the selection of the photos was inspired by the tone of Dave Eggers and the dramatical character of his stories, that always give food for thought.

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