Toulouse Red-Cross
Board games about everyday dangers

During my service civique I had the pleasure to collaborate with the Red-Cross of Toulouse for a very particular project. The demand was to create a collection of board games for educational purposes. These games would be used for interventions in primary schools on the theme of daily accidents and dangers.
The idea was to create a game for each age (from 3 to 10 years old) , so one game for each class.

All the games were created with a consistent visual identity along with an evolving mascot. For each game the mascot, called Rafi the giraffe, go along with the young participants by growing up with them…

3 years old - Rafi at home
For our youngest friends we created the game "Rafi at home". The game contains a Rafi-puppet and a cardboard-made house with drawers. The animators will present to the little participants objects that were hidden in each drawer of the house while discussing about which danger is represented by each object and what we can do about it.

Each drawer represents a room of the house and the objects hidden inside are in coherence with this context.

4 years old - Rafilou and Rafiné*
*(Ra)filou = crook , Rafiné = refined

"Rafilou and Rafiné" is an animated and interactive show. In each one of the 5 episodes, Rafi is exposed to an everyday situation. Rafilou , the little demon, will encourage him to take a decision about this situation. At this time the video will be paused, and the animator will have to discuss with the kids about this decision and the dangers represented.

After the talk, the video will continue with Rafiné, the little angel, advising Rafi about the right decision to take.
Here a sample of the animated show.

5 years old - Rafi adventures
For the 5 years old we propose a "snakes and ladders" game but on the theme of everyday accidents. On each picture little Rafi is exposed to a dangerous situation or manage find the solution to avoid the danger.

6 years old - Which is the risk?
Similar to the "Rafi at home" game, this one is formed by 5 "carpets" representing each one a category of eveyrday risks (burn, cut, fall, intoxication, electrocution). In the center, between those carpets, there are putted some objects of everyday life.

The children, separated in two groups will have to place each object on the right carpet depending on which risk this object represents. Once the game finished, the kids and the animators will have to discuss and debate about the positions of the objects and the risks represented.

7 years old - Detecitve'risk
The 7 years old will have to help Rafi Detective'risk to find the dangers threatening the children on the pictures. Separated in groups the participants will be given A3 pictures on which they will have to circle the dangers found. A discussion with the animators about the discovered dangers will follow.

8 years old - Memorisk
The memory game in a everyday-risk-version for our 8 years old! A card game in A4 format so everyone can participate.

For those who don't know the rules: The kids are separated in two groups, and all the cards are placed with the illustration hidden. Each group, one by one, turn over two cards and can keep them turned only if they form a pair. A pair is created with the combination of a card representing a dangerous situation and a card with the same situation avoided.

9 years old - The previcquiz
A question game with a buzzer for the quickest team to win, on the theme of accidents and dangers!

The kids separated in two teams, will be asked questions on the theme of everyday accidents and dangers. The first team to buzz and give the right answer wins the round.

10 years old - The previrace
Finally for our oldest participants, a game with a little bit more of complexity. The two teams will have to collect the colored coins of all departments of the board. Each one of the four departments (school, vacation, street, home) has its colored coin. For this to happen they will have to answer questions on the theme of everyday dangers in the context of each department. The first team who will collect all the coins and reach the destination point picked at the beginning of the game (destination card) will win the game!

When a team reach a pink space, have to pick one of the two "surprise cards" corresponding to this space of the board. This will affect the progression of the team in a bad or in a good way.