Le laboratoire
Visual Identity

"Le Laboratoire" is an experimentation place in which the audience is invited to get to know and appropriate the whole process that leads to the birth of a masterpiece. Working on the identity of this place, we have extracted the concept and the notion of "Action - Reaction" often present in science. The identity of the "Laboratoire" incarnates by the interaction of the audience with all the identity elements (business cards, posters, leaflets, etc.) , always in order to get an information.

The identity is composed of:
1.a logotype "on balance"
2.a color scale used only for external communication

Interactions are attributed at each stationary element :
Buisness card - twist
Envelop - unglue
Letter paper - reflect
The stationary remains minimalistic with black typography to evaluate the interactions. A series of discrete symbols was created to express each interaction.

For the communication posters we keep the same concept of interaction and manipulation. Here, we have a principle of two layers. People will be invited to eliminate progressively the fist layer by interacting with it. The concept has been declined in three interactions: touch, tire and scratch.

Digital poster on tactile screen used to announce the opening of the place.

This version was imagined for communication on an exposition of works with X-rays. This poster is imagined to be in the urban environment and have a short lifetime.

This version is planned to communicate on a workshop for experimental portraits. Here, the first layer is just a mask printed with scratchable ink.

An application was conceptualised for the laboratoire. The navigation through the four main pages is based on a rotation movement.

The invitation for the opening night of the laboratoire is printed on an elastic material. The guest will have to stretch the invitation in order to get the qrcode scanned at the entrance.